CJCH creates specialist motoring brand

Posted by: CJCH Solicitors | 7th March 2016

CJCH Solicitors has created a specialist motoring brand to offer expert advice and representation to drivers.

#1 Motoring Solicitors is headed by Jonathan Wilkins who has nearly two decades of experience in defending clients and specialises in helping people defend their reputation and driving licence.

“We are one of a handful of motoring law teams in England and Wales operating under our own identity,” said Mr Wilkins.

“Our reputation is such that other legal professionals often refer clients to us, and having our own brand reaffirms our expertise.

“The loss of a driving licence can have a devastating impact on individuals and families, so it’s reassuring to clients to know that the best people are looking after their interests.”

Mr Wilkins is one of Britain’s leading motoring defence solicitors and regularly contributes to print and broadcast media with expert opinion.

As a Higher Rights Advocate, he is allowed to appear in the Crown Court where necessary.

His team of specialist motoring solicitors includes CJCH Solicitors partners Stephen Clarke, Tim Hartland and Jacqui Seal.

The creation of the specialist #1 Motoring Solicitors brand is one of the results of rapid expansion in CJCH Solicitors, which has grown from 24 employees just over two years ago to more than 90.