Family, Matrimonial & Childcare Law

Our dynamic team in family, matrimonial and childcare law have extensive knowledge and experience in supporting our clients through what can be a difficult and confusing time. The breakdown of a relationship brings with it distressing repercussions, and our team is here to help you in a compassionate and nurturing way. We provide a full service of advice, representation and advocacy within the Family and Civil courts.

Family & Matrimonial Law – Divorce, Separation, Financial Dispute, Dispute Resolution, Prenuptial and Cohabitation agreements and responsibilities and arrangements relating to children.

Child Care Law – Childcare Proceedings, Child Protection, Contact and Living arrangements, Fostering, Adoption, Special Guardianship, Child Abduction, International Child Law, Parental Responsibility, Social Services Involvement.

Family, Matrimonial & Childcare Department
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Our Team

  • Jodi Winter

    Jodi is Head of Department for Family and Children Law and a partner at CJCH. She advises and represents both individual and corporate clients and with over 17 years experience, she specialises in a number of areas including Family Law, Public Sector and Mental Health Law.

  • Sally Perrett

    Sally joined CJCH in 2015 and has been qualified as a Solicitor since 2007. She specialises in Family Law and Child care matters with over 9 years experience in these areas advising and representing individual clients.

  • Mari Jenkins

    Mari has 28 years’ experience as a Matrimonial and Child Care Solicitor and is a Member of the Law Society’s Family Law Advanced Panel and Children Panel.

  • Sarah Perkins

    Sarah joined CJCH in 2015 as a Solicitor, having qualified in 2009. She is a specialist in Family and Matrimonial Law, including the areas of divorce, matrimonial finances, cohabitation and child arrangements.

  • Heather Seward

    Heather is a Solicitor with over 13 years’ experience in Family and Child Care Law. She joined the CJCH team in 2011, and is a member of the Law Society Children Panel and a member of Resolution.