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CJCH’s commercial team’s services span the full spectrum of corporate and commercial requirements.

From start-ups to medium size and large organisations, we provide legal support and advice to leverage opportunities and minimise potential risks to your business.

Whether you require support with contracts, corporate structures, mergers and acquisitions or resolving disputes, we can offer a high-level professional service and know-how with real- world commercial awareness for your business.

With our expertise and guidance your business will achieve the right outcomes in every situation.

We assess every client and matter individually, treat every matter as a project and deliver every project on time and in budget.

Sound very much like the way you manage your business? Good – we’re on the same page already.


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Our Team

  • Gareth Thompson

    Gareth Thompson

    Gareth joined CJCH in early 2017 and is a Senior Solicitor in the Commercial Department. With over 30 years experience, Gareth has assisted individual and corporate clients in a wide range of commercial, civil and employment matters. He has established CJCH’s mediation services and has an established reputation as a successful mediator.

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  • Nick Wootton

    Nick Wootton

    Nick is the firms Chief Financial Officer and Head of Mergers and Acquisitions. Before joining CJCH he spent over 20 years in various senior positions within Deloitte and was instrumental in the merger between Colin Jones Solicitors with Clarke and Hartland Solicitors.

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  • Marcus Brace

    Marcus Brace

    Marcus is a consulting solicitor, specialises in a number of areas of law including business acquisitions and sales, litigation, and property law. Marcus advises and represents individual and corporate clients.

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  • John Morris

    male solicitor placeholder image

    John Morris

    John Morris

    John specialises in Insolvency and Dispute Resolution, advising and representing both individual and corporate clients.

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  • Ana Kocmut-Saunders

    Ana Kocmut-Saunders

    Ana is a qualified Serbian Lawyer, who joined CJCH in 2017 to cross qualify as a solicitor in the UK. She is now a trainee solicitor for the Firm, working across both the Commercial and Corporate Law, and Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance practices.

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  • Myles Thomas

    Myles Thomas

    Myles became a specialist researcher in Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance after joining CJCH in 2016. He now performs the role of General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) liaison for the Firm and is responsible for the Firm’s alignment to data protection and compliance legislation. Myles is also a trainee solicitor, currently within the Private Client practice.

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  • Charlotte Bardet

    Charlotte Bardet

    Charlotte joined CJCH Solicitors in 2017, having previously interned with a division of the UN, and was one of the candidates to have successfully completed the firms first Graduate Development Programme. Charlotte became supervisor of the specialist researcher division in Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance in 2018 and in 2019 starter her Training Contract with the firm.

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  • David James

    David James

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