Debt Recovery

Outstanding invoices can be a real drain on a business. If you do not get paid, you have essentially provided a service for nothing. If you’ve put the time and work into a job or contract, you deserve to be compensated, in full.

 You can quickly reduce the amount of bad debts your business writes-off each year and improve cash-flow by reducing the amount of outstanding debt owed to it.

This can be achieved by improving the effectiveness with which your business recovers debt owed to it by your clientele or debtors, in the form of unpaid and overdue invoices.

 CJCH Solicitors work to ensure rapid recovery of all debts owed to you, including all interest which has accrued on these debts, while also ensuring that the costs of recovery are kept to a minimum.

We also understand that debt recovery can often be a sensitive matter – although collecting the money owed you is your right, we will take your instructions, and where necessary, be mindful of client retention and the wider relationships enjoyed by your business.
Once instructed CJCH will take over and see the matter through to conclusion.


CJCH offering:

  • Pre-litigation services to effect early recovery and keep costs down
  • Litigation service
  • Post-litigation services including enforcement


Key Features of CJCH’s service:

High rates of recovery: We aim to recover payment as quickly and cost-effectively as possible for our clients.
Committed Service Team: We will take the time to understand your business and will invest in the relationship with you. We will keep you updated with your matter at all times and involve you in any decision-making process.
Great Value: The pre-legal service can be tailored to suit your requirements and can comprise a combination of letters, emails, SMS and telephone calls to your debtor/s over an agreed, fixed period.
Cost Certainty: You will have complete transparency on costs from the outset.


Our team at CJCH has extensive UK debt recovery experience and the skills to manage complicated debt recovery situations. You can count on us to deliver a smooth, informed and professional service experience.


Price transparency – At a glance

Practice Area – Debt Recovery (up to £100,000)

At CJCH our focus lies in the best interest of the client, and we would aim to advise our clients of potential avenues to proceed based on a cost-benefit analysis for their personal circumstances and requirements. Debt recovery is a specialist focus and is a service CJCH has provided to our clients with notable success. The process of Debt Recovery has multiple considerations and options for different levels of outstanding debt, the CJCH team have outlined the most common scenarios for your consideration here, but often matters require a bespoke approach which we will discuss with you during your first consultation.

Potential cost associated with a standard matter

We have a fixed fee first interview of £150 (ex VAT)

Without court proceedings (i.e. just pre-action) – The average fee for work done without issuing court processes is estimated at £350.00 (ex VAT), which would include the following services:

  • Taking instruction, engaging with and corresponding with the opposing side, and negotiations for a settlement


Should the matter proceed to court, there are various “tracks” which a debt recovery matter might take:

  • i. Recovery of a debt up to £5,000.00: Flat rate fee of £1,600.00 (ex VAT)
  • ii. Recovery of debt between £5,000.00 and £10,000.00: Flat rate fee of £2500.00 (ex VAT)
  • iii. Recovery of debt in excess of £10,000.00 up to £25,000.00 the matter will be quoted at an hourly rate (as outlined below) based on the initial consultation and assessment
  • ix. When a debt recovery matter relates to the recovery of a debt in excess of £25,000.00 up to £100,000.00, a multi-track process is used. Because of the complexity and associated tasks with addressing the matter, an hourly rate is applied which will be discussed and quoted after the initial consultation and assessment
Interview Fee

(ex VAT)Get in Touch

Potential extra associated costs

Hourly rate

  • The hourly rate is between £175.00 and £210.00 (ex VAT) depending on the seniority of the solicitor instructed
  • Although we will quote a fixed fee for standard matters as outlined above, this will be confirmed prior to any work starting on your behalf

Excluded in fixed fee and hourly rate

  • Counsel fees, court fees, administration costs
  • Travel costs and expenses
  • Issuing of proceedings – starting court proceedings would not be included in the above
  • Attendance at mediation if it proceeds to that stage
  • VAT
Hourly Rate
Depending on the seniority of the solicitor instructed
From £175.00
(ex VAT)Get in Touch

When will payments be required?

  • Once the client has instructed the firm to act on their behalf an up-front fee of £350.00 (ex VAT) would be required on account to start proceedings,
  • The fees will thereafter be billed periodically during proceedings.


  • In small claims cases, up to £10,000.00, costs are generally not recoverable.
  • The above fees are payable regardless if debt is recovered or not

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      Gareth Thompson

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