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CJCH’s IP team deliver a comprehensive, end-to-end Intellectual Property (IP) protection and licence compliance service.

We embrace the whole Intellectual Property Rights (IPR) life-cycle including trademark, patent and copyright. CJCH services include IP management and consultancy, IP commercialisation and IPR protection related compliance and enforcement.

We protect and strengthen IP rights of software vendors to recover revenue lost through the unauthorised use of licenced software products. Our investigation team combine market-leading technical innovation with extensive research and legal enforcement expertise to deliver tailored strategies and action plans to address global challenges.

Our specialist team also co-ordinate and implement raids in cases of extreme infringements. We are innovative in our thinking, persistent in negotiation, and practical in our approach. We always keep the end goal in mind: the most effective protection for our client’s intellectual property.

For more information on our specialised Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance service offering, and to find out how your company could potentially recover lost revenue from piracy of your software and IP, click through to our CJCH Consulting site via the icon below.

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    • Andy Clarkson

      Andy Clarkson

      Andy Clarkson has led an illustrious career focusing on investigations and compliance. He spent 24 years serving in the UK law enforcement services as a career investigator working in organised crime and anti-corruption investigation and as a certified hostage negotiator. After leaving from public service, Andy focused the last 18 years in the private sector to assist the technology and software industry with the challenge of IP theft as a global thought leader, most recently as the global lead of licence compliance for a french based software company before joining CJCH Consulting as Managing Director in 2019.

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    • Luke Heydenrych

      Luke Heydenrych

      Luke is the Director of Operations for the CJCH software anti-piracy and license compliance business, having joined the firm in 2016. With a background in operational transformation, banking, management consulting, and system integration projects he is responsible for the firm’s internal technology and innovation as well as supporting our global software clients with their license compliance program strategy. Luke is currently the Firm’s PhD candidate,  undertaking a doctorate in Law, specialising in Software Piracy and IP Cyber Crime.

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    • Tim Hartland

      Tim Hartland

      Tim is the Managing Partner of CJCH Solicitors, specialising in Criminal Law and experience in Conveyancing. Having qualified as a solicitor in 1986, Tim has over 30 years experience in managing complex legal matters on behalf of his clients and is a founding member of the Firm. Tim also advises on Software Piracy matters, and IP Crime.

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    • Stephen Clarke

      Stephen Clarke

      Stephen was a founding partner of the Firm and was fundamental in developing the Intellectual Property and Licence Compliance departments. Now retired, Stephen acts as an independent consultant on special matters.

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    • Charlotte Bardet

      Charlotte Bardet

      Client Account Manager

      Charlotte joined CJCH Solicitors in 2017, having previously interned with a division of the UN. Charlotte became supervisor of the specialist researcher division in Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance in 2018 and in 2019 began her Training Contract with the firm. Now a qualified Solicitor, Charlotte is managing a customised license compliance program for a global software client.

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    • Nick Wootton

      Nick Wootton

      Nick is the firm’s Chief Financial Officer and Head of Mergers and Acquisitions. Before joining CJCH he spent over 20 years in various senior positions within Deloitte and was instrumental in the merger between Colin Jones Solicitors with Clarke and Hartland Solicitors.

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    • Ana Kocmut-Saunders

      Ana Kocmut-Saunders

      Ana is a qualified Serbian Lawyer, who joined CJCH in 2017 and has since cross-qualified as a solicitor in the UK. And is the General Counsel for the Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance department, and also works with the Commercial and Corporate Law practice areas.

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    • Ali Farrar

      Ali Farrar

      Client Account Manager

      Ali joined CJCH in the Anti-Piracy and Licence Compliance department in 2017 in the special projects team. Ali has since performed a number of critical roles including Operations Manager of the CJCH Consulting division and is now the Client Account Manager on a global license compliance program while also qualifying as a Solicitor.

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    • Fuensanta Sanchez-Guerrero

      Fuensanta Sanchez-Guerrero

      Client Account Manager

      Fuen is fluent in Spanish and English and is a Manager in the Anti-Piracy and  License Compliance team overseeing our largest client delivery team across the EMEA region.

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    • Debora Cabral

      Debora Cabral

      Client Account Manager

      Debora joined the CJCH team in February 2019, in anti-piracy and license compliance analysis and has worked with a number of our global software clients. She now leads a team of specialist analysis and compliance officers across both volume and bespoke license compliance programs.

      Debora studied Languages at Cardiff University, majoring in Spanish and Specialised Translation.

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    • Kasia Kaminska

      Kasia Kaminska

      Client Account Manager

      Kasia joined CJCH in 2016 in the software anti-piracy and compliance team, and in 2017 was promoted to leading a dedicated license compliance engagement. She is now the Client Account Lead on a global software client account, while also qualifying as a solicitor. 

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    • Sam Evans

      Sam Evans

      License Compliance Technical Manager

      Sam joined CJCH in 2016 as an anti-piracy researcher. He now leads the technical training team within the research and development department focusing on overall software anti-piracy and licence compliance consulting services for our clients.

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    • Stuart Clarke

      Stuart Clarke

      Stuart joined CJCH in the Anti-Piracy & Compliance department in 2017. With extensive experience in Licence Compliance operations, Stuart now oversees the client delivery procedures for the firm as well as being the head of the Anti-Piracy Training department.

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    • Dominika Pawlikowska

      Dominika Pawlikowska

      Deputy client Account Manager

      Dominika joined CJCH in 2017 in the software anti-piracy and compliance team. Previously the deputy supervisor for one of our largest client teams, she now oversees the license compliance and investigations analysts across EMEA, LatAm, and Asia.

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    • William Claydon

      William Claydon

      Will joined CJCH in 2017 in the Anti-Piracy & Compliance department. Will’s role has expanded to the training department and coordinates marketing for the firm.

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    • Emilia Sadowska

      Emilia Sadowska


      Emilia joined CJCH in 2016 and is the supervisor for the compliance and enforcement team, responsible for her team’s delivery of client services across EMEA.

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