CJCH Solicitors has expanded its offering to include a dedicated mediation team. We offer an entirely neutral third party service providing a confidential and mediated approach to dispute resolution in both professional and personal scenarios.

Mediation gives both parties the opportunity to discuss and work through the conflict in private. Our highly experienced and skilled mediators empower each party to look beyond the conflict and to work towards an amicable and mutually beneficial resolution.

This process takes the positions of each party into consideration but focuses on the outcomes they need to achieve. Rather than a winner and a loser in a dispute, the objective and outcome is invariably a win-win for both parties.

If you have had enough of confrontation and are ready for a complete and remarkably cost-effective solution, then look no further than CJCH’s mediation services.

Our Team

  • Gareth Thompson

    Gareth joined CJCH in early 2017 and is a Senior Solicitor in the Commercial Department. With over 30 years experience, Gareth has assisted individual and corporate clients in a wide range of commercial, civil and employment matters. He has established CJCH’s mediation services and has an established reputation as a successful mediator.

  • Henry Minto

    Henry is a London based Commercial Property Lawyer, who focuses on mediation. Henry brings decades of experience, and joins as CJCH’s Head of Mediation Services.