Cardiff Law firm hosts Washington DC Lawyers Arent Fox

Posted by: CJCH Solicitors | 13th February 2017

The Anti-Piracy and Compliance department of CJCH Solicitors were privileged to welcome guests from the Washington DC office of Arent Fox Law firm  on the 1st and 2nd February 2017.  Lawyers Luna Samman and Diana Bae came to Cardiff to experience the successful anti-piracy operation in relation to a mutual client, Dassault Systèmes, and to receive training in the systems and processes used to target infringers.



Luna Samam commented;

‘CJCH are recognised through Dassault Systemes as being the leaders in tracking down software licence infringers and getting them to regularise the situation. We were keen to see how they operate so that we can replicate this in the USA.  They have been extremely professional and helpful and we look forward to building on our relationship with them’.

Stephen Rees, manager of the Anti Piracy and Compliance team at CJCH said

‘We were delighted to welcome our colleagues from Washington DC. Their firm is a leader in licensing and trade mark law in the USA and whilst this was meant to be a learning experience for them it was a two way engagement and we were able to learn how things operate in the US legal community and to create a pipeline for both firms to benefit from the experiences of the other. Software piracy is a global issue and can have a major impact on companies.  Our role is to identify the infringers and to encourage them to regularise without resorting to court action.’

We are excited to nurture this relationship into the future and continue to grow the scale of our Anti-piracy and Compliance reach. 

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