CJCH Solicitors wins Financial & Professional Service Business of the Year – Cardiff Business Awards 2018

CJCH Solicitors has experienced unprecedented growth and achieved important milestones over the last few years, all of which have culminated in the first half of 2018 being a prosperous year for us at the Firm.

Our internationally acclaimed work in combating software piracy and enforcing licence compliance has seen the CJCH methodology become a highly sought after standard in Anti-Piracy, with our team of specialists travelling the world to share our experience and expertise with partner organisations and clients alike.

While building our international reach and expanding our offering through an entirely new way of thinking, we at CJCH still hold our direct, local client service delivery as number one on our agenda. As much as growth and expansion is an important aspect of a modern law firm, we knowledge that law is, at the end of the day, a service. A service is only as good as the quality delivered and the experience of the client. At CJCH Solicitors we see our responsibility being three fold: 1) maintain a constantly high performance level of service delivery to our existing clients, 2) continue to develop our Firm into the law firm of the future by understanding what our clients and the market will need next, and 3) challenge our own thinking to approach the everyday challenges that our clients face, both business and personal, from a collaborative and innovative angle.

It is this dynamic mind set that we have built over the last few years that has allowed us to achieve this prestigious award  of Financial and Professional Service Business of the Year for 2018 in the Cardiff Business Awards. We are honored to be among a list of exceptional companies who collectively strive to make Cardiff a better place, and a global player in the business market.

(L-R: Stephen Clarke (CJCH Senior Partner); Sian Lloyd (BBC News); Jacqui Seal (CJCH Senior Partner); Jemma Terry (Odgers Berndston Wales Managing Partner); Nick Wootton (CJCH Chief Financial Officer)

We would like to take this opportunity to thank the organisers and panel, without whom this achievement would not be possible, and for their immense education and effort in delivering this grand event. Especially to the founders of the Cardiff Business Awards,  Liz Brookes of Grapevine Event Management and Dylan Jones-Evans of University of South Wales.

Also a special thank you to the sponsors of our category, Odgers Berndston, Wales.

(L-R: Wendy Holmes (Acorn Properties); Andy Clarkson (Dassault Systems); Howard Patchell (CJCH Solicitors); Steve Rees (CJCH Solicitors); Malcolm Bruce (Acorn Properties); Rebecca Davies (Barclay’s Corporate Banking); Stephen Clarke (CJCH Solicitors); Jacqui Seal (CJCH Solicitors); Graeme Davies (CJCH Solicitors)

Lastly to our staff. All 130 individuals who make up the CJCH family and contribute to our ethos of excellence and determination. Thank you for all you do. Lets continue to shake things up and strive for more.

CJCH History Month: The Story of Colin Jones Solicitors (CJS)

By Danny McNeill

Colin Jones

In 1992, the fabric of Barry society was changed forever with the opening of a new law firm by local boy, Colin Jones. After studying law at Aberystywth University, Colin Jones joined Mallia and Co., another Barry institution, where he qualified as a solicitor after completing his articles alongside current CJCH Senior Partner Jacqui Seal (in 1982). Jacqui would go on to join the CPS, while later Colin left Mallia in 1992 to found his own Criminal Defence practice in the heart of Barry. Despite the firm’s humble beginnings in Colin’s back garden, his charisma and reputation for intelligence, integrity and honesty allowed him to begin growing the practice, which soon opened its first office on Barry’s Holton Road, before later relocating to where we still have offices today on Thompson Street.

Colin’s first hire was Traci Doyle as a Legal Secretary, who along with subsequent hires, John Moyle (Criminal Law), Chris Lacey (Criminal Law) and Tracy Higgins (Legal Secretary) are all still with CJCH to this day. The secret to this longevity, according to both Traci and John Moyle, was the trust, mutual respect and loyalty that Colin fostered. As the firm grew, so did its practice areas and by the early 2000s the firm was one of the largest Criminal Law practices in the Vale of Glamorgan, having established a reputation for high quality work and expanding into Family/Child Care law.

In 2010, Colin welcomed Jacqui Seal into the practice as a consultant once she retired from the CPS. Sadly, in that same year, Colin lost his life in a tragic accident. This was a loss, not only to the firm both professionally and personally with Colin described as the heart of the practice, but to the greater community and profession as well.

However, the respect and loyalty Colin had shown those he had encountered and brought together over the years laid the foundations for the firm’s continuation.

CJS Office 17 Thompson Street, Barry

Colin’s fiancé, and now CJCH Partner, Jodi Winter believes it was in part this dedication and loyalty that he showed, not only to his staff but the wider local community, of which he was an integral part, that has allowed his legacy to carry on to this day.

It was during this difficult time when the firm was dealing with the personal loss of Colin and changes to the distribution of legal aid contracts, that Jacqui, in collaboration with her husband Nick stepped in to lead the firm. Both Jodi and John Moyle agree that it was the hard work and leadership shown by both Jacqui and Nick that helped get the firm through this difficult time. John was surprised by the staggering amount of time and energy Nick, previously a Director at Deloitte, was able to put into the firm. Jodi also noted that for Jacqui this was a labour of love and that neither Jacqui nor Nick would allow the firm to close.

It was under their stewardship that, as Tracy Higgins said, the firm began to ‘’explode’’. With Nick’s background in financial strategy, mergers and acquisitions, he brought a different perspective to the legal market and began growing the firm over the following years. In May 2011, the firm acquired Garth James Solicitors, followed shortly by the recruitment of Garry Newberry to establish a foothold in Bridgend. Later, in September, the firm acquired Jeff Lloyd Solicitors expanding the expertise of the practice into Private Client work, into which Colin Jones Solicitors had not previously ventured. In March 2012, the Criminal Defence practice of Hurlows led by Lydia Harper in Cardiff was acquired, giving the firm a presence in the Capital.

Mallia & Co Office

Coming full circle, in July 2013 Mallia and Co., where both Colin and Jacqui had trained, was acquired bringing with it a fantastic mental health department led by CJCH Partner Amy Roberts-Rees and Keith James. Finally, in September 2013 Colin Jones merged with Clarke and Hartland and CJCH Solicitors emerged as it is known today – a thriving and dynamic South Wales based law firm with client service delivery at heart and a global reach of services and customers. Though the size, practice areas, and number of office has changed over the years, the core principles of loyalty and hard work have remained coded into the firm’s DNA, and John Moyle sincerely believes Colin would be proud to have his name attached to the firm it has become.

Our offices are closed Friday 2 March 2018 due to weather conditions.

Notice to all our clients: Our offices will be closed today, Friday 2 March 2018, due to the snow and general weather conditions.

Please do contact your solicitors directly via email should you need to get in touch, and in emergencies please use our admin@cjch.co.uk email contact or our 24 hour emergency line +44 (0) 79 6730 5949 for urgent matters.

We will be open again on Monday 5 March 2018.

Thank you for your understanding.

CJCH Solicitors – Finalist for Cardiff Life Awards

The Cardiff Life Awards committee made the announcement this afternoon of their finalists across the 18 categories in their award lineup. CJCH Solicitors is proudly nominated as a finalist in the category of Legal and Financial, which is sponsored by FOR Cardiff.

It is an honour to be nominated, and we wish all of the nominees the best of luck for the ceremony on the 15th of March.


More information on the event from the Cardiff Life Awards team here.

Inclusion and Diversity – CJCH Commitment

CJCH Equality & Diversity Policy

paralegal jobs barryAs our 2017 diversity results are set to be published on our website later this week, we would like to share our internal Equality and Diversity Policy as well. This policy is available to all staff and is in the process of being added to our website footer for ease of access.

The firm is committed to providing equality of opportunity and maximising the benefits, for all, to be gained from recognising and respecting people diversity. The senior person responsible this policy and its effective implementation is Tim Hartland.

SRA Regulations (2011): The Solicitors Regulation Authority’s (SRA) Mandatory Principle No 9 requires us to: “Run your business or carry out your role in the business in a way that encourages equality of opportunity and respect for diversity.


The firm, its owners, directors, partners, managers and staff will not discriminate or tolerate unlawful discrimination based on any of the “protected characteristics” set out in the Equality Act 2010 or the legal sector Quality Standards referred to below:

  1. Equality Act 2010 – “protected characteristics” are listed as:
  • Age
  • Disability
  • Gender Reassignment
  • Marriage and Civil Partnership
  • Pregnancy and Maternity
  • Race
  • Religion and Belief
  • Sex
  • Sexual Orientation
  1. The LAA’s SQM lists additional/differently-worded characteristics:
  • Colour
  • Ethnic or national origins,
  • Marital status

Types of Discrimination

  • Direct Discrimination – one person is treated less favourably than another based on a protected characteristic.
  • Indirect Discrimination – a rule or policy that applies to everyone that can inadvertently disadvantage someone with a protected characteristic (unless it is a “proportionate means of achieving a legitimate business aim”).
  • Associative Discrimination – direct discrimination takes place against someone because they associate with someone who has a protected characteristic e.g. A carer of a person with a disability.
  • Discrimination by Perception – direct discrimination because others think (wrongly) that someone has a protected characteristic – e.g. when they think someone is gay when they are not and discriminate against them on the basis of that perception.

Harassment and Victimisation:

The firm will not tolerate or permit Harassment or Victimisation of any kind either of our own personnel, clients or persons external to our organisation with whom we interact professionally.

  • Harassment – including unwanted or inappropriate attention or behaviour staff find offensive even if not directed against them personally;
  • Harassment by a Third Party;
  • Victimisation – someone being treated badly because they have complained, raised a grievance or supported someone who has e.g. whistle blower or complainant.

Application of the Policy:

Our Equality and Diversity Policy will be implemented and integrated into all elements of our business to encourage a diverse and inclusive enforcement both internally and externally. A full version of this policy is available to all our staff and can be made available to our clients and suppliers upon request.

Enforcement – Breach of this Policy:

It is hoped that as a result of training, all staff will see the benefits of complying with all aspects of this policy. If, however, there is an alleged breach of this policy, the allegations will be treated seriously and investigated and dealt with thoroughly.


  • We all come from different backgrounds and each person brings a wealth of life experiences that shape us into the unique individual we each are.
  • The organisation is, therefore, a rich tapestry of people which make it different from any other organisation.
  • We therefore often have different perspectives on the challenges and opportunities we face in the practice.
  • In our decision-making, strategic planning and process improvement, we, therefore, wish to benefit from these different perspectives.
  • Equality and Diversityisnot about treating everyone as if they were the same. It’s about recognising and valuing the difference and ideas that each individual can bring to the firm.
  • It is about the benefits to all of us of equality fairness and difference.
  • It is about treating each other with respect and courtesy at all times.
  • The firm is committed to collecting, collating, reporting and publishing its diversity data in line with SRA requirements and the Data Protection Act

Positive action:

  • Although it is unlawful to discriminate in favour of certain groups on the grounds of race or sex, positive action to enable greater representation of under-represented groups is permitted by law and the appropriateness of such action will be kept under review.

Communication of Policy to Staff:

  • The policy is communicated to all staff through internal communication channels, meetings and training, and is available to all staff via the firms internal portal.

Meeting the Diverse Needs of the Clients and Communities we serve:

  • Our Services Plan sets out how we will meet the diverse needs of the clients and local communities we serve and is available upon request.

Reasonable Adjustments for Personnel:

  • If difficulties are experienced at work because of a disability, staff may wish to contact our Managing Partner to discuss any reasonable adjustments that would help overcome or minimise the difficulty.
  • We will consider the request carefully and try to accommodate the needs within reason. If we consider a particular adjustment would not be reasonable we will explain our reasons and try to find an alternative solution where possible.

Review of this Policy:

  • The policy will be reviewed annually using prescribed procedures.


Managing IP Infringements for small to medium enterprises

A word from Tony (Senior Compliance & Investigator Consultant)

At CJCH Solicitors we look to the future of commerce to tackle the questions facing international compliance and governance head-on. Through our ongoing efforts to combat software licencing infringements and anti-piracy on behalf of our clients we have identified potential gaps in the capabilities of small to medium enterprises (SME’s), in particular, in protecting their intellectual property (IP) rights. As a result of the sheer volume of web-based IP infringements it is impractical for many SME’s to identify, monitor and control incidents on their own. The skills and resources to combat the risks associated with this commercially damaging crime are simply not readily available to all SME’s or, in some instances, even larger organisations.

Over time we at CJCH have expanded our offering to address these pain points and support our clients where they need it most – a sturdier and more robust solution than that which they can provide for themselves.

Our services include an automated IT capability which can:

  • detect the scale at which your assets are being infringed
  • actively seek their de-listing from host sites
  • track that the delisting has actually taken place

Our process, including the intervention of our law enforcement trained investigators, is proven to achieve results swiftly and accurately, while being scalable to suit individual demand. With our ability to proactively monitor our clients IP assets and, if required, seamlessly transition the matter for legal action, CJCH are at the forefront of IP protective services.

Jo Johnson MP, brother of Boris Johnson, takes over as IP minister

Jo Johnson MP takes over as IP minister

Jo Johnson MP, brother of Boris Johnson, has been appointed as the new Intellectual Property minister, replacing Baroness Neville-Rolfe, but will remain as minister of state for universities, science, research and innovation. 

The post change comes shortly after the significant change to UK IP policy this year- the planned ratification of the Unified Patent Court.

Johnson, a fluent French speaker and Oxford graduate, has held office as MP for Orpington since May 2010 and was responsible for overturning the popular vote to name a new polar research ship ‘Boaty McBoatface’.

He will be the eighth person to take up role of Minister for Intellectual Property since the post was created in 2007, it is hoped that he will remain in the post for longer than his predecessors, particularly as the aftermath of the Brexit vote is expected to provide unforeseen challenges for the role and for Intellectual Property in the UK.  Unlike his brother, Jo Johnson was firmly in the remain camp.

For assistance on Intellectual Property related matters, Contact our experience Intellectual Property team at iplaw@cjch.co.uk

CJCH new contract to lead software company’s fight against global piracy

CJCH Solicitors are pleased to announce we have recently signed a contract to fight international piracy on behalf of multinational software company AVEVA.

 The initial 12 month contract, from Cambridge-based Aveva, and will enforce the company’s licences through a network of 32 partner law firms around the world.

Aveva operates across a wide range of commercial sectors, particularly ship building, the automobile industry, oil pipe lines and refineries, and nuclear power stations.

“Over the past few years, we have gained an international reputation for our excellent work in protecting clients’ intellectual property,” says CJCH senior partner, Stephen Clarke.

“Our expertise and experience have helped recoup millions of euros for clients, and we have already achieved our first success for Aveva, within a few weeks of the contract starting.”

CJCH now has open cases for Aveva in Italy, Romania, the Netherlands, Nigeria, Germany and Saudi Arabia.   

CJCH’s reputation as a leader in intellectual property has enabled it to develop a network of partner law firms around the world, which undertake local court action and raids on premises using the products illegally.

Two separate raids in Spain alone last year generated over 500,000 euros in settlements for another client.

CJCH Sponsors Barry Comprehensive Barry-Barcelona cycle fundraiser

On Saturday 26th November CJCH sponsored the ‘Barry to Barcelona’ fundraising cycle by Barry Comprehensive.   The event, organized by Dai Manley of the P.E. department and his team, saw members of their rugby team, staff, parents and famous faces from welsh rugby, cycle the equivalent of the distance from Barry to Barcelona.  The famous faces in rugby who joined in during the day included Martyn Williams, John Inverdale, Rhys Williams, Rick O’Shea and Shane Williams. 

Barry Comprehensive rugby team members take part in the fundraising cycle!
Barry Comprehensive rugby team members take part in the fundraising cycle!

The event was in aid of their rugby and football teams upcoming tour-in April 2017 they will be heading to Barcelona to play 3 rugby games and one football game against Spanish schools.
The event went on from 1.30pm on Saturday afternoon before the Wales v. South Africa game and it was a successful day all round with a Wales win and boys managing to raise upwards of £2,000 towards their tour.
The CJCH sponsored t-shirts worn by the boys during their efforts was designed and made by Owen Bull of Happy Embroidery in Dinas Powys-A big thanks to them as they looked great.
Good luck to the team with the rest of their fundraising efforts!